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Real estate transactions have high financial stakes for every party involved. When mistakes or disputes arise—no matter how small—the costs can add up quickly. Therefore, it is important to act swiftly and decisively to correct them, and to do so with the guidance of an experienced attorney.

That is what you will find when you contact DeBlasis Law Firm, LLC. Attorney Rick DeBlasis has decades of experience in real estate law representing lenders, owners, brokers and developers in real estate transactions, contract disputes and litigation. No matter what challenges you are currently facing, he is ready to help you resolve them as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Legal Guidance And A Wide Range Of Real Estate Services

These are just some of the matters the firm can help you with:

Of course, Rick is also ready to advocate for your interests vigorously in any litigated real estate matter, should the need arise.

Helping Mortgage Lenders Resolve Problem Accounts

Ideally, every loan in your portfolio is on track and you are receiving regular payments. Unfortunately, it is common to have problems with borrowers, including defaults. Traditional methods of seeking to recover funds can be expensive and time-consuming. This is where DeBlasis Law Firm, LLC, comes in.

Rick has decades of experience helping clients restructure debt and finding ways to optimize the potential for recovering funds. He is also well versed in complex financial litigation. After discussing your case with Rick, you may discover you have more options than you realized.

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DeBlasis Law Firm, LLC, is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and serves clients throughout Ohio and Kentucky. To discuss your real estate law needs and to learn how Rick DeBlasis can help you, call the office at 513-540-1024 or fill out an online contact form.