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Experience On Both Sides Of Commercial Foreclosures

Attorney Rick DeBlasis brings 40-plus years of focused experience in foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings involving distressed businesses. While he has primarily represented lenders, he regularly defends business owners who are in default on commercial loans and facing foreclosure. Having practiced on both sides of the equation, Rick is uniquely equipped to protect your interests in court or in a negotiated resolution.

DeBlasis Law Firm, LLC, represents businesses and lenders in foreclosure actions and related litigation in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio and Kentucky. We can confidently protect your interests and pursue your goals. We also handle other real estate matters, from liens to breach of contract disputes.

Foreclosure Defense For Business Owners

Arrears on a business loan can have had a domino effect on your entire operation, and perhaps the continued viability of your company. Rick DeBlasis represents business owners in commercial foreclosure litigation. He has handled defaults involving Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and other commercial loans, mortgages and leases.

Mr. DeBlasis will sit down with you to discuss your predicament, where you stand and what your legal options are. He has represented businesses in:

  • Commercial foreclosure defense: We can challenge foreclosure actions where the lender has deprived the borrower of due process. For example, the commercial lender may have failed to give proper notice before foreclosing, allowed the statute of limitations to expire or failed to produce critical paperwork. When the borrower has viable defenses, Mr. DeBlasis has successfully litigated such cases in state and federal courts of Ohio and Kentucky.
  • Loan modifications and workouts: Lenders are not always eager to foreclose, especially in a saturated commercial property market. They may be open to reworking the terms of the loan to avert foreclosure proceedings. We can help clients gauge the long-term prospects and negotiate workouts when it makes business sense.
  • Chapter 11 business bankruptcy: An otherwise viable business with too much debt or cash flow problems may be a candidate for bankruptcy protection. Chapter 11 provides a temporary reprieve from creditor actions to reorganize and present a debt repayment plan that is acceptable to the creditor constituency.
  • Bankruptcy adversary proceedings: Rick DeBlasis has decades of experience in U.S. Bankruptcy Court litigation. He has represented debtors who are sued by lenders or creditors for fraudulent transfers, recovery of preference payments, nondischargeability of debts or other grounds. When a distressed business is placed in court-appointed receivership during bankruptcy proceedings, DeBlasis Law Firm, LLC, represents the ongoing interests of the business and its owners while the control of the company is turned over to the trustee (receiver).

Lender Representation In Commercial Foreclosures

Rick DeBlasis has practiced in this arena for four decades. He is regularly retained by local, regional and national banks and mortgage lenders to litigate judicial foreclosures and pursue creditors’ rights and relief in bankruptcy adversary proceedings. Having represented both creditors and debtors, Mr. DeBlasis can assess the situation and advise on the most prudent course of action.

We Understand The Stakes

Your business is your livelihood and you have much invested, including a sense of obligation to your workforce and investors. Call DeBlasis Law Firm, LLC, in Cincinnati at 513-540-1024 to arrange a consultation, or contact us online. We will do everything we can to fight foreclosure or protect your interests in legal proceedings. Referrals from other law firms are also welcome.